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Sometimes the disaster that hits a property is quite intense. should the damage at the site be too extreme, we can perform a pack-out of your remaining equipment and product to a secure and safe offsite location. Our cataloging system will ensure that nothing is misplaced or miscategorized—saving you headaches later on when it’s time to move everything back to the restored location. We all have personal possessions that are simply precious and irreplaceable. That is why our team takes special care when providing the content packout service to all of our customers. We will carefully pack each item individually to ensure that no extra damage is done to them. Every item is accompanied by detailed documentation complete with photos.

Content Packout

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Following a disaster, like fire damage or water damage, the priority is to always save as much as possible of personal possessions. That is where content pack-out and cleaning become essential. Bio-Ready is a professional property restoration company with years of experience in both the restoration and cleaning industries. Our team will carefully inspect each and every item in the affected area to ensure that nothing that is salvageable is left behind. Once the items have been safely packed away we will proceed with careful cleaning and restoration. 

Content Packout and cleaning
Our Content Packout Procedure

Before we get started with the packout we will carefully inspect the entire affected area and all the potentially damaged items. After that we can provide you with a detailed damage evaluation and projected cost of the restoration and packout.

Once we are in agreement for the packout plan we take detailed photos and accompany them with complete documentation to ensure that nothing is misplaced or mislabelled. All the items will go in transport safe containers and from there will be moved to our facility for cleaning and restoration. 

We employ a series of techniques to minimize damage and clean the contents to restore them to their per loss quality. To achieve that we use a variety of different process like vacuum freeze drying, microbial disinfecting, deodorizing, sanitizing, HEPA vacuuming and ultrasonic separation.

Following the cleaning we carefully pack back the now restored and cleaned items to return them to your property once it has deemed safe for your possessions once again.

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Why Chose Bio-Ready

There are many benefits of working with Bio-Ready and none are more important than our premium 5-star customer service. Our business is built on empathy, compassion, and cooperation with our customers,

Fast Response

By responding fast to your packout need we can minimize the damage your prized possessions go through.

IICRC Certified

When working with Bio-Ready you can rest assured that your possessions are in capable hands. Our entire team is IICRC trained and certified.

Advanced Equipment

Modern technology can help us a long way when it comes to packout service. That is why we use only top-of-the-line equipment.