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Professional Duct cleaning protects your health and your wallet

Duct Cleaning Services

Getting and keeping your air ducts cleaned can help you save money on appliances and monthly bills and protect you from asthma and other strong allergies. Even more important, it can save your home and your family from a potential disaster. Dirt and dust are easily combustible; on the other hand, they can hold plenty of moisture, leading to mold

Every home that has air ducts needs to have them regularly cleaned, especially if you are near a construction site or a busy road, have a pet, smoke indoors, or have had recent remodeling work on your property. Call Bio-Ready to clean your home and protect your health and wallet. 

Air Duct Filter Cleaning

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Common Causes Of Duct Dust Build-ups

Accumulations of dust, dirt, etc., are found in all homes with air ducts. Other factors that may increase the need to clean your air ducts include pets, smoking, and home renovation projects. Below we will explain why certain things cause more dust and dirt in your air ducts.

Dust & Dirt

Dust and dirt build-ups are common in any home, especially in homes near busy roads or that have a lot of residents.


Pets have dander and frequently shed hair that gets into the vents. This can cause allergies and even clog your HVAC filters.

Smoke & Smoking

When anything burns it leaves a lot of micro residues behind. That includes smoking or recent fires in and around the property.

Renovation work

Any remodeling work can lead to a lot of dust and dirt building up all over the property - especially in your air-ducts.

Benefits Of Regular Duct Cleaning

In regular circumstances, the National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends that homeowners clean their ducts every three to five years. Data has been collected by professionals that factor into this suggestion, and this is based on experience from a wide range of different systems. If you fail to do so it can lead to many different consequences on your property. By following these recommendations you can achieve better air quality, and reduce the presence of dangerous microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. This, in turn, reduced the chances of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases. Besides the multiple health benefits, you will also lower your overall utility bills. 

Duct Cleaning Service
Air Duct Cleaning Process

We start with an inspection of all of your air ducts and any attached HVAC units. Then we assess the best means of cleaning your system.

We use the best combination of rotating brushes, air compressors and similar tools, negative air, and various sized vacuums to reach all parts of your ductwork. This will remove and dislodge all stuck pieces of debris and dust.

Following the debris removal and vacuuming we wipe down all registers and boots. As a part of our service we also ensure that we do not leave a trace of our work on your property. We will vacuum and clean up any other mess that we’ve made!

Air Duct Maintenance
Maintenance After Duct Cleaning

To ensure that you get the maximum out of your air duct cleaning, you will need to control your humidity and keep it below 50 %. This will prevent future mold build-ups in your ducts. If you have pets, clean your surfaces frequently to stop the hairs from entering your HVAC filters. A follow-up on that is to change the filters themselves regularly. 
If there is construction going on in the neighborhood, keep your doors and windows closed to minimize the dust that can enter. 

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